Feeling Supported Mentally & Financially

As entrepreneurs, it’s not uncommon to feel like we can do it all. Whether it’s pushing through a never-ending to-do list without taking a well-deserved wellness break, or funding business goals without seeking financial support—entrepreneurs never seem to flinch at adding high-pressure items onto their plates.

Funding requires support, and so does mental health and wellness — without it, personal and business growth plateaus. One of the many supports we’re grateful for is BDC (the Business Development Bank of Canada- a financial institution solely devoted to Canadian entrepreneurs, whose purpose is to ensure ALL entrepreneurs have access to the resources, financing, advice, networks and tools they need to succeed. And that includes supporting diverse business and and propelling women-owned and led businesses (which is why we love them).

Asking for funding

When you ask for funding for your business, do you ask for what you need, or do you ask for what you actually want?

If you haven’t asked for funding, you’re not alone. Only 14% of women entrepreneurs use a loan for their business. In a YouTube video debunking myths associated with women entrepreneurs, Laura Didyk (VP – Client Diversity, BDC) shared that “Women tend to use their own personal savings and credit cards before asking for financing…and when they do ask for financing, they tend to ask for smaller amounts of financing.” BDC is focused on being more easily accessible and informative for women to learn about opportunities associated with taking on debt and growing their business, resulting in increased financing. As Laura shared, when asking for financing “Ask for enough. Don’t ask for what you need, ask for what you want.”

If you want to feel inspired and learn about how BDC has helped other women in business, check out their page of inspiring success stories here and follow them on social media. And to learn how BDC can support you in your financing, visit their page dedicated to women entrepreneurs here.

As an incredibly holistic company, BDC is not only dedicated to helping entrepreneurs do well in business, they’re also committed to the cause of entrepreneurs’ well-being. With that, BDC has an amazing collection of tips and resources to help you take care of your mental health and wellness.

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BDC also has a page dedicated to third-party resources intended to provide services on mental-health and well-being, such as paid digital wellness solutions and mental health national resources.

Don’t sleep on the idea of BDC. Click around their site and reach out to speak to one of their advisors!