Week 1: Reimagined Recap

Our first few days of Reimagined 2021 have been an incredible and impactful launch into our month-long experience. We have been blown away by the speakers this week and we’re grateful for everyone who has tuned in…THANK YOU!

Every Thursday we’ll be posting a week in review—think of it like a quick glimpse into entries of our journal. They’re short and sweet, and will hopefully have you interested in learning a bit more.

So, without further ado!

June 1

Veuve Clicquot Bold Awards

On Tuesday evening, we kicked off Reimagined with the Veuve Clicquot Bold Awards, an international program recognizing the innovative and courageous contributions of women entrepreneurs. The ceremony was hosted by Vanessa Craft, Director of Content Partnerships at TikTok Canada, and the conversations leading up to the announcement of the award winners was riveting and empowering. Congratulations to the winners: Fatima Zaidi, Founder and CEO of Quill who is the recipient of the Bold Future Award; Judith Fetzer, President and Co-Founder of Cook it who is the recipient of the Bold Woman Award; and the newest award, the Bold Champion Award, to Lance Chung from the Bay St. Bull.

June 2

Unlocking Your Abundant Mindset:

On Wednesday, we opened up Atelier: Reimagined programming with Hina Khan, Peak Performance Coach and Psychotherapist. Joining The Atelier stage for the fourth time, we knew that Hina’s energy and power of visualization was EXACTLY how we needed to prime our community for a month of growth and dreaming BIG. It’s hard to sum up everything she shared and taught us, but we’ll try our best to get you some of the key points! 

Our love for Hina is BIG and she always dazzles us by the way she provides different perspectives when it comes to aspiring for greatness. She started her talk with the notion of “What if?” She had us really think about reimagining what’s next and had us excited in realizing that every possibility in the future is really up to us…no one else! We really enjoyed one of her exercises in having to write down 50 things money CAN buy. It was a difficult exercise but made our minds really work. We’re actually still trying to come up with a few items. 

Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough possibility with what we can put our minds to, and this exercise helped push boundaries. She also asked us how we might be holding ourselves back from receiving. All in all, Hina really drove home the fact that anything is possible. She made us BELIEVE that anything is possible and left us feeling empowered in our thoughts of the possibilities of tomorrow.

We’re excited to rewatch Hina’s talk and continue to dive deep into the questions she asked.

If you missed out on this, you can still get a ticket! And stay tuned for Hina’s messages during Screen-Free Fridays, giving you time and space to learn, absorb and grow at your own pace!

Finding Joy in the Midst of a Shitstorm:

Next up was Jessica Janzen, author, speaker, and coach. WOW. Jessica’s session, Finding Joy in the Midst of a Shitstorm, met us on so many levels (and so many tears were had). She took us on a very emotional journey of her son, Lewiston, who was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), as an infant. Jessica was given the worst news a parent could receive and went through the worst event a parent could experience, in that her son would not make it to his first birthday. She talked about allowing herself to feel her feelings throughout it all, and allowed herself to ask for help. Through this mindset, she somehow was able to spark a shift in perspective to find the joy in it all. She and her husband, ‘Hot Ronnie’, made sure they brought as much positivity into their son’s life as they could through what she coined as ‘joy starters’, such as hospital dance parties . This massive shift in perspective allowed her to start living her life and be bold in her actions, one which includes raising money for SMA. She continued to bring Lewiston the joy, even to his final breath. Jessica is truly a superhero. 

This tearful, empowering, enlightening session is something everyone should tune into. You can learn more about Jessica’s story through her recently published book, Bring the Joy, available now on Amazon. Jessica also has a powerful online course, The Hard Work, which focuses on turning your pain into rocket fuel. Take your experience of hurt, loss or grief and use it to find you life’s purpose.

June 3

What You Need to Heal, Grow and Thrive in 2021

This session was gold…and we wished we could have had Stacy-Ann Buchanan’s insights and inspiration on day one of the pandemic (we feel like we would have all been in a better head space in dealing with life in a pandemic and lockdown). She dropped so many tidbits of super useful information, such as how to own your story and pain, and how to differentiate between toxic positivity and optimism. She also had us reevaluate some adjectives we commonly use to describe women in business, like the word ‘strength’. Stacy-Ann dismantled the word ‘strength’ and explained that strength isn’t about doing it all and carrying around all of your problems, strength is about asking for help and knowing what you need to drop. This is so transformative. Stay-Ann took us on many personal journeys of what life was like for her when she was dealing with severe depression and suicidal ideation, and what life is like for her now with her high functioning anxiety, whom she’s named ‘Michelle’. We learned about trusting your intuition, dealing with triggers and ridding fear in order to move forward. We love Stacy-Ann’s perspective on aging, as she said “it’s an honour and privilege to get older”. We can’t wait to start implementing the mental health toolkit Stacy-Ann shared, especially working on keeping various journals. 

We feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to ask questions and listen to Stacy-Ann, if you didn’t get a chance to tune it, we hope you’ll consider tuning in…this is a session that we know will connect with everyone. 

What an incredible first week!! We’re looking forward to tomorrow’s Screen-Free Friday and can’t wait for next week’s programming!