The Atelier: Beyond 2020

In June 2020, we hosted our largest event yet with almost 1,400 ambitious women from around the world coming together in the midst of the most significant shift of our generation. 

So we asked ourselves, “what’s next”? How do we continue to move the needle for change, within ourselves, our businesses and our careers? How do we continue to dream big, even in the midst of a pandemic? And how can a digital event be taken to an entirely new level?

Our incredible community, YOU are the very FIRST to hear about The Atelier Collective’s next signature event, coming to you virtually this Fall. 

And trust us: this is going to be GAME-CHANGING!

This early November, we are beyond excited to be bringing you:

The Atelier: Beyond 2020

Uniting ambitious women from across the globe in our collective pursuit to thrive”

2020 has changed everything.

It’s changed the way we show up. How we communicate. The way we work. And what it takes to grow.

How do we go from treading water to making waves?

How can we move from surviving to thriving?

How do we look ahead to the future in a radically different world? 

We’ve tapped into our inherent resilience. 

We’ve pivoted and started to rebuild. 

We’ve come together, while apart. 

And now, we will nurture our growth mindset, harness our grit, outlast the pandemic and forge ahead to a limitless tomorrow.

Now we will thrive.

Stay tuned as we release all of the exciting details about The Atelier: Beyond 2020 (including a sneak peek at our NEXT release of The Atelier Experience Box!) over the coming weeks!

We are counting down the days until we’re together again. We truly can’t wait to raise a glass and share a beautiful day of growth with this incredible community of ambitious women!